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slGLymgCSXLRSNtH (Pontos: 0)
por Usuário ECC em Domingo, maio 11 @ 04:01:30 GMT+2

Eric -Any language can work toghurh the named pipe. The Gem_Pipe.pdf documentation that I have is electronic only (which leaves a lot to be desired) and describes all the commands, which are text strings. So the best language to use is one which can handle strings easily. I wouldn't touch VBScript with a 10 mile pole, since it's a Microsoft product and limited to running on only their buggy machines. If it's the only language you know, I suggest learning python which is basic-like. I would bet even Matlab might work to talk to Tecan, since Matlab can handle strings too, though it would be a bit awkward. I wouldn't want to use C either, because handling the strings wouldn't be as easy.In summary I would check out python. There are a few python-for-biologists books (bioinformatics using python) out there.Do this; google for: tecanprogramming There is a yahoo group which has VBScript source code examples, which I found after writing my post.I was initially very skeptical of the GUI performance, but I've changed my mind a bit. The GUI makes some very intelligent decisions which make life easier, in most cases, so it is still completely usable on it's own. Things like: changing the number of pipettes which graphically selects wells, or automatically incrementing pipette wells (row or column) within loops, etc. Believe me, I have used supposedly GUI scripting equipment with far worse GUI interfaces; in comparison Tecan is doing well with theirs.Of course it can't offer the power of, say, running arbitrary Java programs and sending commands over the network or, running a server which analyzes protocols from to translate it automatically into Tecan-instructions.. Big things like that need external applications.

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